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From 2017. october 1. I can accept some digital coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple or Monero.

USD price calculation with CryptoCurrency Converter.

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website offline promotion

Offline Website Promotion

Tips for Offline Advertising

Offline marketing is an important part of an overall website promotional strategy.

Promoting a website is not all about SEO, social media networking, and pay per click advertising.

Web publishers have to look beyond the computer and use as many resources as possible in order to ensure a steady source of traffic.

Here are some suggestions for promoting a website offline.

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Guest Blogging for Blog Marketing

For a blogger, blog marketing is an important way to get personal and business blogs noticed. It can create the attention needed to make money blogging.

Guest blogging is a blog marketing technique that can bring a blogger a whole new legion of readers.

Bloggers who want to expand their readership can offer their services to other blogs, creating a post that is published on another blog in order to take advantage of that site’s readership.

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WP speed up

WordPress site loading slow? Here’s how to improve speed and performance.

I operate four WordPress sites and I constantly do maintenance tasks to maintain and/or improve speed and performance of my sites.

“Why,” you ask?

I learned very quickly that my page speed directly affects ad revenue. This not only means the speed of the entire page becoming visible to the reader, but the advertising as well. My revenue comes from advertising and readers can’t click on ads if they can’t see them.

Most readers are impatient and will move on to the next page or back out completely if they don’t see what they’re looking for or anything else of interest that may catch their eye.

Through research to deal with performance problems in the past, I’ve learned a few key things to watch out for.

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Wordpress vs Joomla

Is Joomla a Better CMS than WordPress?

The Two Leading CMS Are Among the Best Content Management Systems

There might be tens or hundreds of CMS on the market but Joomla and WordPress are light years ahead of the rest. Both of them are great but none is ideal.

Joomla and WordPress are in a league of their own. Drupal is coming close but it is still far away from the leaders. Most of the other content management software is also good but since it seriously lags behind in terms of popularity, very often when a webmaster compares Content Management Systems, the selection for a best CMS starts and ends with Joomla and WordPress.

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WordPress vs. Blogger

Hosted Blog Comparison

WordPress and Blogger are both popular blog software options. Here is a comparison of the two.

This overview assumes the user is running the content management system on their own domain; whether it be for Blogger or WordPress. As such, this is article is referring to the self hosted not vs. the self hosted options of

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All in One SEO Pack

WordPress Plugins for Freelancers

The Most Powerful Plugins for WordPress Portfolios

With the strategic use of WordPress plugins, freelancers can enhance the reach and impact of a portfolio website or blogfolio.

A self-hosted WordPress blog is the perfect online home for freelancers, including professional bloggers, photographers, artists, graphic and fashion designers and illustrators.

With the simple, user-friendly content management system from WordPress, paired with powerful developer plugins, freelancers will have an infinitely expandable web presence to present to customers. plugins are easy to install and are updated routinely. Because WordPress’s content management system is open source, plugins are constantly adapting and improving the core WordPress system.

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Online Website Performing

How Can Small Business Optimize Websites?

3 Tips for Individuals & Businesses to Improve Web Site Performance

Many individuals and small businesses want to improve the performance of their websites, but knowing where to start is difficult with so many suppliers offering variations on domain name choosing, website optimization, search engine optimization (SEO), online marketing, etc.

To add to the confusion, there are two sides to web page and website optimization:

  • Technical considerations: how quickly each web page loads; how quickly information is delivered; whether the website works on all platforms (e.g. wide screens, laptops, mobile devices); what happens when something goes wrong, etc.
  • From a business point of view, valid concerns include: how well the web site performs in terms of visitor satisfaction; whether the website meets company needs and goals; whether the online presence is generating a return on investment.

Implementing the three tips below, which have a focus on the business viewpoint, will help individuals and small businesses to optimize web site performance.

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Money Making

Ways to Make Money Online for Entrepreneurs

A Guide to Making Creating a Full-Time Job Online

The web offers a lot of opportunity for those who are serious about making a living from the web. The key is to know how to go about selling your skills and products.
To make a living from the web requires more than just commitment. It also calls for one to be market savvy;

knowing where and how to market or sell goods and services. The following income generating methods are meant for serious entrepreneurs and professionals who wants to manage a full-fledge business.

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Online business

Benefits of the Internet- How a Website Can Improve Your Business

There are many ways to improve your business but the internet offers some of the best chances. The internet has risen in popularity surpassing Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, TV and other forms of advertising.

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