For a blogger, blog marketing is an important way to get personal and business blogs noticed. It can create the attention needed to make money blogging.

Guest blogging is a blog marketing technique that can bring a blogger a whole new legion of readers.

Bloggers who want to expand their readership can offer their services to other blogs, creating a post that is published on another blog in order to take advantage of that site’s readership.

Bloggers often engage in guest blogging to promote their own expertise or blogging services. The blog post has the guest blogger’s byline and contains a link to the guest blogger’s site at the end of the post. If readers enjoy the post, they may click on the link and start reading the guest poster’s blog.

Make Money Blogging

A blog that exists to make a profit is dependent on targeted traffic. To get that traffic, some bloggers engage in guest blogging to drive traffic to their own blogs.

A guest blog post is an effective blog marketing technique when the guest post is posted on a blog that has a similar topic.

To make money blogging, a blog should have a good authority to allow readers to find it when they look for the topic in search engine queries. The link that the guest post contains adds to the number of back links that the guest poster’s blog has, raising its page rank.

Offering a Blogging Service

Many freelance writers offer professional blogging services for site owners who need a ghost blogger to take care of new blog content. Writing a guest post on a popular blog can get the writer’s name noticed by other bloggers.

The guest blog post can serve as an advertisement of blogging skills that can result in new requests for those blogging services.

Some blogs are entirely written by a professional offering blogging services. These ghostwritten blogs can be lucrative opportunities for bloggers who want to branch out in the blogosphere and make money blogging even before their own site is profitable.

Finding Guest and Professional Blogging Opportunities

Keeping a blog and posting to it often can be enough to attract the attention of bloggers who want guest posters to contribute to their sites. If these opportunities don’t come knocking, there are more direct approaches.

Simply emailing a blog owner and offering professional blogging services in the form of a single guest post or as a contributing writer to the blog can be highly effective.

Regular blog marketing that raises a blogger’s profile in the blogosphere makes guest posting gigs easier to get.

Bloggers who want regular guest posting assignments should continually engage in blog marketing to keep the blogosphere interested in the blog and in the person who writes it. With that high profile, blogging services can be an extra source of income or simply a way to bring in traffic and build a name as an expert.

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