Tips for Offline Advertising

Offline marketing is an important part of an overall website promotional strategy.

Promoting a website is not all about SEO, social media networking, and pay per click advertising.

Web publishers have to look beyond the computer and use as many resources as possible in order to ensure a steady source of traffic.

Here are some suggestions for promoting a website offline.

Create a Valuable Website

Make sure the website has value. How does the website help users? How can it add to a persons online experience?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help with writing promotional materials and answering questions from potential site users.

The Domain Name is Important

Use a dot-com domain that is easy to spell. Using a dot-com is essential for offline promotions. Despite the numerous domain extensions, the majority of people only know dot-com, and they will type that for every site they want to go to.

If the dot-com is taken, come up with a new name. There are several online domain suggestion tools to help. Additionally, it’s important to avoid hyphens and odd spellings like games4ursystemz. When promoting a website offline it’s important that the domain is simple, memorable, and easy to spell.

Repeat the Web Address

When advertising via radio, it’s important to repeat the web address at least three times. For TV promotions the website should not only be repeated, but it should be clearly shown across the screen.

Repeating the web address it in a catchy song also helps users retain the URL. does a good job of this in their commercials.

Frequency is Key

Once is never enough when it comes to offline advertising. One radio ad is not enough, one TV ad will not suffice, one newspaper ad will not get results. Once an advertising outlet has been decided upon it should never be looked at as a one-time thing.

The outlet’s advertising sales department should be able to help the buyer decide on an acceptable frequency based on past results.

Budget constraints are not a good reason to only run an ad once. If budget is of concern then it would be best to hold off until there is more money alloted for the advertising campaign.

Include the URL On All Materials

The website’s address should be on all the company’s promotional materials. This includes business cards, letterheads, and brochures.

One might also consider having t-shirts printed to wear in high traffic areas. Be prepared to answer questions about the website, and to hand out catchy business cards to those who may be interested.

While advertising a website online is a very logical plan, offline advertising opportunities should never be overlooked.

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