WordPress is an online tool for creating a website. It is an open source system written in PHP language and has proved to be the easiest content management system (CMS). WordPress is the number one choice for most bloggers around the world today.

Many reputable websites such as The New York Times’ blogs, TechCrunch, Mashable among others make use of WordPress.

Why is WordPress the most popular blog system?

  1. WordPress is FREE

wordpress logoWordPress is a tool that users can download, install, use and modify as they like and in any way they deem fit. It also offers complete freedom to users as any website can be created making use of WordPress. The software is also open source which makes the source code publicly available for anyone to study or modify. At the moment, there are over 2,500 WordPress themes and over 30,000 plugins available for users. What more can users ask for other than this kind of unlimited freedom!

  1. WordPress is not difficult to learn and use

Millions of people make use of WordPress and the number of users is increasing daily. There is no other reason why more people are joining the WordPress community other than the fact that WordPress is easy to use. To use WordPress a user does not have to be a professional web designer or programmer. As a matter of fact, most people using WordPress did not have any prior knowledge of website design.

WordPress is also easy to use because of the unlimited templates and themes available for use so users have the freedom to choose any look they want for their website.

  1. Any website can be created with WordPress

The versatility and flexibility of WordPress is one of the reasons why it is the most popular blog system. With WordPress, a simple blogging website can be created or an even more complex website like an ecommerce website.

  1. WordPress is Search Engine Friendly

Websites designed with WordPress are usually very attractive to search engines due to the fact that WordPress fulfills all the search engine optimization responsibilities a content management system ought to fulfill. Users can make their WordPress website even more search engine friendly by making use of the WordPress SEO plugin.

  1. Ease of management

Right on the WordPress admin dashboard, there is an updater that lets users update plugins and themes. This built-in updater also gives an alert when there is a WordPress update. Update can be done by the click of a button and all of a user’s content can be kept safe by setting up automated WordPress backup which regularly backs up the contents of a WordPress website.

  1. Safety and Security

WordPress is built to keep data safe and it is highly unlikely that a WordPress website will get intruded. Even though the internet can be quite unpredictable, WordPress leads the pack in terms of security and this makes it the top choice.

  1. WordPress can handle any type of media

WordPress is not only limited to text. It is built to support media like pictures, video, audio contents.

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