The Most Powerful Plugins for WordPress Portfolios

With the strategic use of WordPress plugins, freelancers can enhance the reach and impact of a portfolio website or blogfolio.

A self-hosted WordPress blog is the perfect online home for freelancers, including professional bloggers, photographers, artists, graphic and fashion designers and illustrators.

With the simple, user-friendly content management system from WordPress, paired with powerful developer plugins, freelancers will have an infinitely expandable web presence to present to customers. plugins are easy to install and are updated routinely. Because WordPress’s content management system is open source, plugins are constantly adapting and improving the core WordPress system.

Key WordPress Plugins to Increase Search Engine Optimization and Analytics

The Internet is ripe with millions of freelancers, all vying for an online savvy audience of customers. In order to ensure that a freelance website is well optimized for search engines, it is critical to add WordPress plugins for SEO to freelance websites.

These WordPress plugins transform ordinary posts and pages into highly-optimized and SEO compliant entries that increase visibility and keyword page rankings online.

All in One SEO Pack is one of the most popular and most comprehensive search engine optimization plugin for WordPress. All in One SEO Pack offers automatic META tag generation, fine tuning for titles, descriptions and keywords, and canonical URLs, without duplicate content.

SEO Friendly Images automatically creates proper ALT and Title attributes for images, which describe in words each image on the site so that search engines can include image content in rankings, adding a new layer to optimization efforts.

Equally important to optimizing freelance websites is the need for freelancers to actively measure and monitor traffic sources, keyword search traffic and other psychographic data about visitors.

With an analytics plugin for WordPress, freelancers will gain insight about visitors and behavior.

Google Analyticator

Google Analyticator and other similar plugins allow Google Analytics code to be added dynamically to every post and page of the WordPress freelance site.

Key WordPress Plugins for Social Media Sharing

As a freelancer, it is important to build an online presence and brand through a variety of social media channels. These channels include photo sharing and video sharing applications like Flickr and YouTube; social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter; and social bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious and StumbleUpon, along with many others.

Implementing these social media investments into a WordPress blog can be achieved through social media sharing plugins.

Jetpack provides ways to automatically share new posts to the WordPress freelance site on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, directing friends and followers to the freelance site for full posts or more information.

Addthis and Share This plugins insert social media buttons into posts and pages so that visitors can share freelance website content freely across different social media applications and networks.

There are also a variety of plugins that post sidebar widget feeds of social network activity from Twitter, FriendFeed, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

Key WordPress Plugins to Enhance Portfolio Presentation

It is important for freelancers to display their work in an appealing way to online browsers.

Freelancers with visual-driven content, such as artists, graphic designers, photographers and illustrators, can use image galleries to make an impact with visitors.

  • NextGen Gallery is a fully integrated, customizable photo gallery management plugin with flash slideshow option. It has an AJAX-based thumbnail generator and a simple interface for a variety of sortable albums.
  • FlippingBook creates a “flipping page” book layout for visual work. This is perfect for visual freelancers and authors alike. By converting text to images, authors, writers, journalists and bloggers can upload text and images to this interactive gallery book.
  • Featured Content Gallery creates a rotating gallery of images anywhere on the WordPress site. Placing the Featured Content Gallery on the homepage, freelancers can make an instant visual connection with visitors, while adding the content gallery to each post or page tempts visitors to view other areas of the site.

By using dynamic and powerful plugins for, freelance websites can be equipped with industry-leading SEO, analytics, social media and image galleries.

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